Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Redheads in Your Family?

Science Dump posted this video from Buzz Feed today, and I thought it was worth sharing:

I don't know how accurate the facts presented here are, but they generated some interesting conversation on Facebook, especially among my red-headed friends!

For the record, I also seem to be almost impervious to anesthesia, which frustrates the heck out of my dentist. And my red-headed cousin went gray long before I did... maybe having 3 kids helped her along?

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1 comment:

The Path Traveled said...

My mother was a Red head and I was a red head. Bleached my hair for over 20 years and last September I decided to stop. Its been hard and difficult to not give in and color. My hair color has grown and is still growing back red with grave highlights. I think I like it so far.
My hair has always been THICK. My eyes are BLUE.
I think this may not be a myth. Thanks for sharing.