Redheads in Your Family?

Science Dump posted this video from Buzz Feed today, and I thought it was worth sharing:

I don’t know how accurate the facts presented here are, but they generated some interesting conversation on Facebook, especially among my red-headed friends!

For the record, I also seem to be almost impervious to anesthesia, which frustrates the heck out of my dentist. And my red-headed cousin went gray long before I did… maybe having 3 kids helped her along?


Elizabeth is a genealogy and family history researcher, writer, and consultant. She adores good grammar and spelling, and believes the Oxford Comma is just misunderstood. Thrives on large quantities of coffee. One daughter, two rescued hounds, and a plethora of missing ancestors keep her on her toes.


  1. My mother was a Red head and I was a red head. Bleached my hair for over 20 years and last September I decided to stop. Its been hard and difficult to not give in and color. My hair color has grown and is still growing back red with grave highlights. I think I like it so far.
    My hair has always been THICK. My eyes are BLUE.
    I think this may not be a myth. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Happy Blog Anniversary from a proud res head who had a red haired Mom & who has two red haired brothers.

    • A belated thank-you, Colleen! I have a cousin who is also a redhead, and wears it proudly! :-)

  3. I have three red headed girls. Regarding hair pigment…they have certainly made my hair gray!


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