Thursday, May 1, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Pepper Gets A Bath

My beloved Lab/Retreiver mix Reilly passed away at the age of 14 1/2 years last December, which led us to adopt two new little terriers, which I'm sure you will be seeing here fairly soon (you may have already seen them on Facebook). 

So all this has led me to think about my first dog, Pepper. He was a good boy (aren't they all?) who let me wheel him around in a stroller and dress him up in doll clothes. Here he is getting a bath, c. July 1977. Yep, that's me, and my shirt really does say, "Shake Your Booty." It was the 70s... what can I say?

*   *   *

Original photograph dated July 1977, privately held by Elizabeth O'Neal, Santa Barbara Co., California, 2014.

Copyright © by Elizabeth O'Neal

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