Wordless Wednesday: No Wonder Monday Seems Twice as Long as the Other Days

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“Manic Monday.” Digital image. Photographed by Elizabeth O’Neal on October 26, 2011. Yes, this is a real calendar that I bought in a store.

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Elizabeth is a genealogy and family history researcher, writer, and consultant. She is easily bribed with coffee and chocolate chip cookies.


  1. Hey, I could really use a few of those 48 hour days, eh?? No, NOT to sleep, to scan, and blog and do input and maybe, do a bit of online research.

    Could I have a few of these a month, oh, since I am begging, how bout one of these each and every Monday. No, make that Tuesday, Tuesday feels safe! LOL

  2. I did a double-take when I looked at the calendar on Monday. I guess the calendar proof-reader must have been sick the day they did October!


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