Friday, September 9, 2011

Best Bytes for the Week of September 9, 2011

What's Hot

If you're not one of the lucky folks at the FGS Conference this week, you can follow along with the action at Twitter or by visiting any of the sites of the many bloggers in attendance.

Elvis is in the Building! And if you happen to get a photo of yourself with him at FGS, you could win a free registration to the 2012 SCGS Genealogy Jamboree! Deadline is September 12, 2011.

Pssst! RootsTech is offering a deal to FGS attendees, as well as wannabes at home. Get the skinny from Amy Coffin at RootsTech 2012 Registration Discount at FGS2011.

FamilySearch Adds Millions of U.S. Civil War Records

Blogger Denise Spurlock is offering a 1-year subscription to if you participate in the Workday Wednesday Challenge: Occupations in Census Records at Reflecting on Genealogy. Deadline is September 15, 2011.


California Governor Signs Law to Protect Against Genetic Discrimination

Blogger Buzz is Announcing the Blogger app for iOS. "With the Blogger app, you can write a new blog post and publish it immediately or save it as a draft right from your iOS device. You can also open a blog post you've been working on from your computer and continue editing it while you're on-the-go. Your blog posts are automatically synced across devices, so you’ll always have access to the latest version." Awesome!

"Starting this weekend, the closest supernova found in at least 25 years will be visible from your backyard with just binoculars or a small telescope." Details at How to See a Supernova This Weekend From Your Backyard from Wired Science.

Sacred sites: From Ground Zero to Pearl Harbor, how America deals with heartbreak and healing

Gold Rush history told in biographical novel (Calaveras County, CA)

Dead-end genealogy search leads to historical novel

Help Wanted

Join the conversation: September 11 - Bearing Witness to History.

Judy Webster of Genealogy Leftovers wants to know why people feel compelled to "tweet" live during conferences? Why don't they just wait until afterwards? Your thoughts on Genealogy Conferences and Social Media Policy?

Jo from Wibbling Jo's Genealogy Blog needs Canadian tips in A bit of a riddle...

"Seeking birth records pertaining to births that occurred at 'Fairhaven Home for Unwed Mothers (Circa 1929) - Sacramento CA.' If you know where these records might be held please let us know." See Mystery Monday - Sharpen those Sleuthing skills - Your help is needed NOW from Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society

Advice Needed-Why Do You Like Your Smart Phone? from The Turning of Generations by Michelle Goodrum

FamilySearch Research Wiki Needs Writers! Details from Genealogy Canada by Elizabeth Lapointe.

Help Given - Do you have an orphan heirloom in need of rescue? Send your orphan heirlooms home! from UpFront with NGS

From the Blogs

Meta... what? Technophoo. Have no fear... from They Came Before by GeneJ

If you're looking to organize your busy family (so you have more time for genealogy), check out An Organizational Tool for Busy Genealogy Moms... and Dads! from The Armchair Genealogist by Lynn Palermo

Societies and Book Publishers: A New Partnership? from Roots and Rambles by Marian Pierre-Louis

You mean, we can't even trust MOM? "If Your Mother Says She Loves You...": On the Importance of Questioning Sources from Mnemosyne's Magic Mirror by Mel Wolfgang.

Before you visit, read Are You Visiting NEHGS? #1 from Life From The Roots by Barbara Poole

And Never the Twain Shall Meet – Using Divorce Records in Your Research from Carolyn L. Barkley

Saving Private Ryan... and Parker and Johnson and... from Deb's Delvings in Genealogy by Debbie Parker Wayne, Certified Genealogist

Should Genealogists Care About Voter Registers? from a3Genealogy by Kathleen Brandt

Genealogical Societies Should Consider Ancestry Content Publisher from Genea-Musings by Randy Seaver

How Your Ancestors' Occupation Can Help Your Genealogy Research from Begin with 'Craft' by Valerie Craft

Excellent analysis: Which sibling is it? The importance of a detailed date from Photo-Sleuth by Brett Payne.

Making A Great Digital Genealogy Publication at Family History with the LINEAGEKEEPER

What's that again? Of Boilerplate and Black's Law Dictionary from Staats Place by Chris Staats.

The Last Byte... Just for Fun

Here's one you have to see to believe: TALK ABOUT A MEAN DRUNK from Family Trees May Contain Nuts. Hopefully this problem can be contained.

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Amy Coffin said...

Thank you for spreading the word about the RootsTech deal.

Jo said...

Thanks for mentioning the blog - I've already had 1 offer of help!

Jo said...

Thanks for mentioning my riddle. I've already had one offer of help.

GeneJ said...

Elizabeth ... Thank you for the mention! --GJ

Barbara Poole said...

Thank you Elizabeth for the mention. Now you will be well-informed when you come east to visit the NEHGS.

Brett Payne said...

Thanks very much for the mention and kind words, Elizabeth - much appreciated