Friday, September 16, 2011

Best Bytes for the Week of September 16, 2011

Hi Grandpa, what's new?

Lots of news this week, so let's get right to it!

What's Hot Releases the 1930 Mexico National Census to Open Gateway for Hispanic Family History Research

The National Institute for Genealogical Studies Offers Discount to Celebrate Anniversary - details on Angela's Adventures in Genealogy Education.

In the latest FamilySearch news, China, Hungary, Mexico and U.S. Collections Each Add Over a Million Records.

There will be No Scanfest This Month at AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors.

Tipper at Blind Pig And The Acorn says, "I've Got Tickets To The JCCFS Fall Festival - Want To Win Them?" You have until September 20, 2011 to enter.

If you can't spring for $12.95/month, you might be interested in's new $4.95/month mid-level subscription category, Geni Plus. More information on the Geni blog, Introducing Geni Plus.

If you're going, apply for the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research (IGHR) – Scholarship before the October 1, 2011 deadline (hat tip to Julie at GenBlog).

Sweepstakes two-fer: While you're researching your Mexican roots, be sure to enter's "Journey to Your Roots Sweepstakes" to win a "personal discovery trip" to Mexico. You can also enter the "Tweet to Win a free World Explorer Membership" while you're there, so be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to enter.

Enter Family Tree Magazine's publishing contest: What Makes Your Family Special? Tell Us & You Could Win a Family History Publishing Package!

In the News

A Palo Alto-Based Startup Launches the World Virtual Cemetery to Change Forever the way People Deal with Death

Historical society fills gaps in story of veteran's death: Tombstone will be placed in Yankton cemetery Saturday

Founder to be honored at grave site: Guiding spirit recounts effort behind Friday's rededication

Help Wanted

Got Memories of the M/S Pilsudski? An Author Wants YOU! See Heritage Zen by Cynthia Shenette for details.

Need help from Military Buffs please, probable Queensland Regiment from From Helen V Smith's Keyboard.

Are you reading Are You My Cousin? by Lisa? If so, How Did You.... find her blog?

Deb Ruth is working on a Herbert Hoover Letter Mystery at Adventures in Genealogy. Have you any insight?

Here's one that always puzzles me: Geniaus asks, Christmas Newsletters - Trash or Treasure?

My kid just started Kindergarten, and I can already relate: Milfireguy's wilfe asks for advice on What to Keep and What to Toss… at Diggin' for Family. (I recommend checking out Greta Koehl's post A Proper Place for Sentiment at Greta's Genealogy Bog, as well as the post from The Family Curator, below.)

Do you love genealogy? Tell NGS why.

From the Blogs

Can a genealogist ever have too much stuff? Umm... (cough, cough) I plead the Fifth. However, The Family Curator offers a Short List: What to watch for in a family archive which might help you know what to keep and what to toss.

How important are those credentials and certificates? Hopefully not as important as manners. Marian Pierre-Louis from Roots and Rambles got the 3rd degree at a society meeting, And So She Risks Everything by Being Completely Honest. What do you think?

Is your Facebook stuff important to you? Avoid Losing it ALL on Facebook by Joan Miller, Luxegen Genealogy and Family History.

Agreed: Genealogical & Historical Societies Need To Provide Benefits For Distance Members from Generations by Jennifer Holik-Urban.

The Insider Uncovers Secret Program from The Ancestry Insider.

Also along those lines, check out Randy Seaver's thoughts, Genealogical Societies Should Consider Ancestry Content Publisher, at Genea-Musings. What do you think of this service?

The Last Byte

My favorite story of this week is a local one from San Luis Obispo: Nostalgia in a modern world: Brothers chat from afar. For those of you who think you're too old to learn something new, these two brothers will show you why it's never too late. Thanks to video conferencing - and their local VAs - two centenarian brothers get to catch up after a decade of not seeing each other.

Perhaps more of us should take a moment to catch up with family members we haven't seen in a while. Do you use video conferencing? If so, how do you use it, and what do you use? Have you tried it for oral interviews?

*   *   *

If I missed a good story, please share in the comments.

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SueFitz said...

Link to virtual cemetery isn't working

Jen said...

Thank you for the mention!

Greta Koehl said...

Thank you for the mention, Elizabeth!

Helen V Smith said...

Thank you for the mention, Elizabeth.

The Genealogy world is fantastic! We have so many knowledgeable people who are so willing to help!

I posted my request for help on the Friday and I got a response on the Saturday!

Yes it does look like it is the 26th Battalion a militia unit. formed between the wars in Queensland.

This shows the benefit is sharing our questions, thoughts and successes!

Deb Ruth said...

Thanks for the mention! Much appreciated.

Elizabeth O'Neal said...

You're all most welcome. Thanks for writing some great stuff!

@SueFitz, do you mean the link to iTomb, or the news article? I just checked both and they worked for me. Might have been some server down-time.

@Helen, glad you got the info you wanted/needed! Genealogy works best as a cooperative effort, doesn't it?

Cynthia Shenette said...

Thanks for the mention, Elizabeth! I appreciate it!

Family Curator said...

Thanks for including my article in your round-up, Elizabeth. I always love finding new gems here, and it's a treat to be included.

Linda Gartz said...

Lots of good stuff here as always. BTW, today is the 100th anniversary of my grandmother arriving in America! Just thought of it and did a quick post. I agree with Helen--I learn so much from my fellow bloggers!