Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Guy and Dolls

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"Guy and Dolls" Digital image. Undated. Original photograph privately held by [NAME AND ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Benton Co., Washington. 2011.

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Nancy said...

It looks like he's not so much playing with the dolls as teasing someone about the dolls. Great photo!

Elizabeth O'Neal said...

I thought so too, Nancy... probably a sister or cousin. I also thought he was making a not-so-nice hand gesture, but on closer examination, it looks like he's pointing with his index finger, maybe at a dimple or something on the doll's face. Whew!

Cynthia Shenette said...

Great photo! Definitely gave me a laugh tonight!

Kristin said...

Do you know who the guy is? He looks like he could just be pointing to the doll. Maybe he kidnapped them and is holding them for ransom.

Elizabeth O'Neal said...

@Kristin, I'm pretty sure the "guy" is my father's uncle, which would make him my grandfather's brother. I think. He's probably tormenting a sister. :-)

Sheryl said...

Great photo! He looks like a character. (I think that I feel sympathy for his sisters--though they may be equally adept at tormenting him.)