Surname Saturday: GROGAN (IRE > LA > OH > IN > IA)

I. William GROGAN was born on 2 Jan 1809 in Kerry County, Ireland. He died on 25 Mar 1905 at the age of 96 in Leon, Decatur Co, Iowa. He is buried in Catholic Cemetery, Woodland Twp, Iowa.

William married Bridget FOLEY on 2 Feb 1843 in Ireland. Bridget was born on 22 Feb 1822 in Kerry County, Ireland, and died on 9 Dec 1905 at the age of 83 in Woodland Twp, Decatur Co., Iowa.

William and Bridget had the following children:

A. John Grogan was born on 26 Jul 1841 in County Kerry, Ireland, and died on 25 Sep 1887 at the age of 46 in Woodland Twp, Decatur County, Iowa. He married Margaret Quilty.

B. Katherine “Kate” Grogan was born in 1847 in Ireland, and died in 1935 at the age of 88 in Fort Scott, KS.

C. Timothy “Tade” Grogan was born in 1850 in Ohio. He married Margaret Daughton 

D. Michael “Colonel” Grogan was born in 1852 in Indiana, and died on 12 Nov 1910 at the age of 58 in Woodland Twp, Decatur County, Iowa. He married Kathryn Sullivan c. 1872.

E. Thomas Grogan was born in 1853 in Indiana, and died in 1896 at the age of 43 in Woodland Twp, Decatur County, Iowa.

F. Mary Jane Grogan was born on 25 Dec 1856 in Illinois. She died on 14 Mar 1947 at the age of 90 in Geneva, Fillmore Co., Nebraska, and was buried  in Exeter Cemetery, Exeter, Fillmore Co., Nebraska.

Mary Jane married John McGraw on 5 Feb 1877 in St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Woodland Twp., Decatur Co., Iowa. John McGraw, son of Patrick McGraw and Johanna Genan, was born in Jun 1845 in Clare, Ireland. He died on 17 Sep 1925 at the age of 80 in Geneva, Fillmore Co, Nebraska, and was buried on 19 Sep 1925 in Exeter Cemeter, Exeter, Nebraska. John was a Farmer.

G. Hannah “Bridget” Grogan was born on 22 Aug 1857 in Woodland Twp, Decatur County, Iowa. She died on 6 Aug 1942 at the age of 84 in Woodland Twp, Decatur County, Iowa. She married Peter Bradley on 31 Dec 1883.

H. Robert William Grogan was born on 28 Aug 1860 in Decatur County, Iowa, and died on 18 Jul 1863 at the age of 2.

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  1. Elizabeth,
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  2. Not yet, @Suzan, but it’s on my list of things to do once my daughter starts school (which is next week!!). :-)

  3. Hi Elizabeth,
    Is “LA” in your title perhaps a typo for PA? I was looking for the La. connection but when I clicked on your McGraw tag/label I see they’re in PA. (I have a Mary McGraw in Bienville Parish, LA.)
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