Tuesday, August 30, 2011

And Off We Go to Kindergarten!

The cats are ready to go.

First day of school!

Already hard at work!

Many thanks to everyone who shared their kind comments about my post yesterday, All I Really Need to Know About Genealogy I Learned in Kindergarten. I so appreciate your words of advice for me, and words of congratulations for my daughter.

I thought I would share a few photos from our morning. I hung around the classroom for a couple of hours - just make sure my daughter got the hang of things - but I finally had to force myself to leave. She only gets these 2 days of school in a classroom (the other 3 are at home), so I want them to be hers, without me fluttering around as a helicopter parent.

To be honest, this mom is having A LOT of separation anxiety. Many tears have been shed today... all of them, mine. I didn't think it would be this hard; in fact, I thought I would be dancing a jig to have a few hours to myself each week. But I suppose it will get easier each day.

It will get easier, right?

*   *   *

To my dear, sweet, beautiful daughter: You have so much life ahead of you, and today is the first day of a great learning adventure. Enjoy each day, live each moment to the fullest. And never forget how much your Mommy loves you. Always.

*   *   *

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Linda Gartz said...

She looks like she's going to be a real scholar! Such sweet sorrow, but the first of many milestones -- and great adventures.

Elizabeth O'Neal said...

Thanks, Linda - she does love to learn!

Amy Coffin said...

Love the Hello Kitty bag!

Honestly? It doesn't get much easier, just different as your daughter gets older and has more stuff for you to deal with like homework, lessons, friend drama, etc.

You'll be ok, and if not just use your blog as an outlet. We're all here for you.

Susan Clark said...

What a honey! You must be so proud.

It does get easier, but not easy. In a week or two you'll be in the swing of things and able to enjoy your bit of time.

And in a few years the first day of school may become one of your favorite days of the year!

Christine said...

This reminded me of my daughter's first day of school. I knew she was ready for school, but my maternal separation anxiety kicked in. Then it really did me in when I realized I had sent her to a french-immersion school. Not only would the whole routine be new to her, but they would be jabbering at her in a language she didn't understand. I was beside myself with angst. I drove past the school at recess to see if I could see her. I did. She was happily playing with her new-found friends. At least the social part of school was going well. I worried most of the afternoon. When it was time for the bus to arrive, I started pacing. I was so excited to see her little legs jump off the bus! I asked her how her day was "Great!". I told her I had missed her and asked if she had missed me. She gave me an incredulous look and said, "pffft....NO!" So much for separation anxiety!

Elizabeth O'Neal said...

@Amy, Daughter picked out her own backpack and lunch bag. Weird thing is that we only have a dog, no cats. She and I are both extremely allergic to them, but she loves 'em anyway! People keep telling me, "Bigger kids, bigger problems." I'm afraid.

Thanks, @Susan. Having been a public school teacher, I don't think the 1st day of school will EVER be my favorite, but I don't doubt that I'll learn to like it. :-)

Wow, @Christine, where did you find a French immersion school? That must have been quite a learning experience for your daughter! We don't have anything remotely close to that here; I'm lucky to have found the hybrid school for homeschoolers, so at least she gets a couple days a week with other kids. And btw, my daughter gave me pretty much the same reaction when I went to pick her up this afternoon. Kind of a cross between glad-to-see-you, and why-are-you-here-now? Clearly, the anxiety was ALL mine. ;-)

Greta Koehl said...

My older daughter completely forgot my existence the first day she walked into class. My younger daughter was a clinger. I don't know which was worse.... Your daughter looks like she will love school, and that's a good thing.

Milfireguy said...

We put our oldest into 2nd grade this past Monday and NO, it doesn't get easier, just different. They seem to grow up so fast. We put our twins into Kindergarten next week and tears will be shed.

Elizabeth O'Neal said...

OMG @Milfireguy, twins starting Kinder next week? Oh no, twice the separation anxiety for you! Hang in there!

@Greta, my daughter is somewhere in between. She's definitely NOT a clinger, but I think she liked having me in the classroom while I was there. Unfortunately, it is WAY too hard for a teacher to watch someone else teach her children, so I thought it was best for everyone if I left. :-(

Kerry Scott said...

I remember the day my oldest started K4. I thought I'd be relieved to have some free time, but I ended up walking around the house moping all day.

It does get easier though...or at least, less mope-inducing.

Elizabeth O'Neal said...

@Kerry, I've decided to go to the gym and run errands around town after I drop her off tomorrow. Should allow for less time moping around the house. At least if I mope at the gym, I'll be burning calories at the same time. ;-)