Monday, May 16, 2011

How I Survived a Weekend Without Blogger

Kicking it old school, courtesy of Blogger.

Blogger actually did me a favor when it went all wonky last week. Not that I've been a hugely prolific poster lately, but I am a hugely prolific reader of posts, as I try to keep up with everyone else in order to write my Best Bytes articles on Fridays.

So how did I spend my Blogger-free weekend? Let me see...
  • Got some retail therapy (but not nearly enough).
  • Went to my DAR chapter meeting where they held an extremely successful fundraiser for my daughter's C.A.R. society (which they sponsor). These ladies really know how to get 'er DONE!
  • Read a book. I'm currently reading Genealogy as Pastime and Profession, Second Edition (which I purchased and downloaded to my NOOKcolor from Google Books because it was not available as a Nook Book). It might be an oldie, but it's still a goodie, and packed with tons of useful information.
  • Cleaned my daughter's room. Seriously, it looked like a toy store exploded in there. Plus, "cleaning my house" had fallen way down on my to-do list, and I really don't need a visit from the health department.
  • Slept (but not nearly enough).
  • Went to 1/2-price Frappuccino Happy Hour at Starbucks (twice), which unfortunately ended yesterday. Thanks to the enabling of footnoteMaven, I am now fully addicted to Cake Pops, delightful little morsels of pure joy (those were on sale, too: buy 1, get another for $1.00).
  • Sat in my car and had Mommy Quiet Time while enjoying my Starbuck's booty and reading my NOOK.
  • Did some genealogy research for a friend.
  • Got more retail therapy.
Most important: spent time with my family. But not nearly enough.

*   *   *

I did notice this morning that one of my posts still had not emerged from the Black Hole. Since all of my posts and comments are emailed to me, it was very easy to repost: I just emailed it back to Blogger.

To enable the email post function, go into your Blogger blog settings and click on "Email & Mobile." Put your email address in the box under "Email Notifications" to receive copies of your posts by email.

To enable posting via email, put a secret word in the box under "Posting Options," select one of the top 2 radio buttons, and click "Save Settings." I have my emailed posts set to "Save emails as draft posts," since I like to give my posts a final once-over before hitting the Publish button. But if you like living on the edge, you can have yours set to publish immediately.

To have your comments emailed to you, select "Comments" from the Settings menu. If your comments are moderated, then you are already getting them emailed to you. If they are not moderated, or if you prefer not to have them moderated, you can just put your email address in the "Comment Notification Email" box at the bottom of the page. Don't forget to save your settings.

About 3 years ago, I wrote a post about how to keep your blog backed up. Some of the information is still valid, but I recently discovered that the automated back-up service is no longer viable. Plus, I've read some unpleasant reviews about them (which I will not post here), so perhaps it's for the best.

Another service called BlogBackupr (which claims to be loved by none other than Bill Gates himself), also offers free back-ups for your blog. I have not tried them yet, but I have read some good reviews of their service.

How did you spend your Blogger-free weekend? And how do you back up your blog?

The Fine Print: I am an affiliate of This means that if you purchase anything from them by clicking on my ad links, I will make a teensy amount of cash. And it would be hugely appreciated.

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Sheri said...

OK Some time while we are rooming together at Jamboree you have to give me some techno geek lessons. Like um, well like how to use my cell phone and how to do my DAR chapter page. Maybe we will still have time for classes and some fun. LOL


Claudia's Genealogy Blog said...

I got some thing done too. When I post I use Live Writer and they also can be re-posted from there.

The biggest thing I accomplished was to go through a box of my fathers photos and found an album I did not know existed. It is a small album.

Elizabeth O'Neal said...

@Sheri, we can certainly talk tech whenever you'd like. I can teach you how to build a web site in an hour (or less) using some nice online tools. You don't have to do it "old school" like I do. BTW, are you bringing the wine, or am I?

@Claudia, I haven't tried Live Writer, but I've heard good things about it. I usually just write a draft in MS Word and post via HTML to get all the MS gremlins out. Hope you found some wonderful treats in your fathers photo albums!

Sheri said...

Well are you flying or training? I am flying and the TSA guys are probably less restrictive on what you can bring on the train. I will however bring a cork screw because apparently you can have a weapon just not any alcohol on the plane.

I am sure that some kind soul will be more than happy to transport us to the nearest establishment that retails spirits that are tequila in nature.

I am so ready for this trip!

Elizabeth O'Neal said...

@Sheri, I'll be driving, so I can bring whatever I want with me. I can also transport us to any retail establishments you'd like to visit. :-)

Sheri said...

Best. Roommate. Ever.

Elizabeth O'Neal said...

LOL - MWAH to you too. ;-)