Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Upping the Ante: Introducing the new Y111 test at Family Tree DNA

My husband and I both have the same problem with our DNA: we don't match. Anybody.

You see, I had my mtDNA tested a couple of years ago - by two different companies - and I have yet to make a meaningful connection with another DNA-bearing human. It's discouraging, but I continue to wait.

My husband had a Y-DNA37 test done a few years ago, and he didn't match anyone either. For some reason, he was advised to upgrade to the Y-DNA67, which he did, and - surprise! - he still didn't match anybody.

Ok, he did, but they have a wildly different surname, and he insists that the test is flawed. I know. Don't go there.

So when I received this announcement today from Family Tree DNA, my first thought was, "Cool, we can upgrade Hubs to 111 markers!" But then I realized that if we did that, he could not match anybody at 111 markers. Not helpful.

But I'll admit it's tempting. Upgrades always are (for me).

My father, on the other hand, matches everybody. I get notices of new matches for him at least weekly, and that's only for 37 markers. I suppose the upgrade money would have been better spent on my father, right?

So if more is better in your case, please check out the announcement below and let me know how it goes for you. Somebody should at least get a match!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Y-DNA111 test!

This test includes a panel of 111 Y chromosome Short Tandem Repeat (STR) markers.* With 44 additional markers, Y-DNA111 is the highest resolution Y-DNA test offered by any company in the world.

The Y-DNA111 test is recommended for customers who already have close matches at the 67 marker level and are looking to tighten the calculation for the time to Most Recent Common Ancestor (tMRCA).** Due to the specialized nature of this test and in order to evaluate the potential benefit of this type of upgrade, we ask that customers with Y-DNA12, 25, or 37 results upgrade to 67 markers first before considering the 111 marker test.

With that in mind, this new test is now available as an upgrade for customers with existing Y-DNA67 results and also as a standalone test for individuals looking to prove a close relationship on the direct paternal line:

Y Refine 67 to 111 (Upgrade)             $101

Y-DNA111                                                          $339

View our FAQ section to learn more about this new test.

Thank you,
Family Tree DNA

*This figure is based on the typical number of allele values we see for multi-copy markers. The number of allele values we observe and report for these markers may vary.

**Please note, both test-takers must have the 111 marker test to be compared at this level.

For information about the Swanay/Swaney DNA Surname Project, please visit our public project page, or FamilyTree DNA. Please also feel free to contact me if you have questions.

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Mavis said...

I have the don't match anybody on my mtDNA line too. Also, maternal yDNA line, too. Dad got several matches on his mtDNA but only 1 on his y-DNA 37.

Elizabeth O'Neal said...

Yeah... lucky us, right? Sigh. Apparently I'm in a fairly "normal" haplogroup, but I have a weird mutation on one of the SNPs. Might explain a lot... but doesn't help me genealogically.

Hope you get a useful match soon, Mavis!