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Best Bytes for the Week of April 8, 2011

The Civil War (anniversary) is coming! Are you ready?
Can tonight seriously be the season finale of NBC's Who Do You Think You Are? It seems like only yesterday when season 2 began, and we were arguing over whose story would be the most interesting. Now that you've seen them all (or you will have, tonight), whose story IS the most interesting? Did you have a favorite? A least favorite? And what will you be doing with your Friday nights now?

Up Front

Miss the Carnival of Genealogy, 104th Edition? Check it out at CreativeGene.

Gena Philibert Ortega wants your food (your recipes, that is). Visit Your Family's Food Tradtions Wanted for a New Book at Food.Family.Ephemera for more information.

Found your "Civil War relative(s)" yet? SCGS has issued a challenge to its blog readers to take advantage of's free access to Civil War records to research "Civil War relatives" and share your results in the comments of their blog post.

Also along those lines, Bill West has issued a CIVIL WAR GENEALOGY BLOG CHALLENGE on WEST IN NEW ENGLAND. You have until April 10th, folks, so get busy.

Not that I want the competition, but be sure you enter Family Tree Magazine's Enter the Life in Civil War America Sweepstakes.

Help Wanted

Don't have enough to do? Maybe you can help these folks out.

Kathleen of the Moore-Mays Blog is taking a genealogy trip this summer, and would like for you seasoned travelers to help her pack. Visit Planning Tips Welcome to share your wisdom.

Think you're having a bad hair day? Maureen Taylor asks you to Vote for Your Favorite Bad Hair Day at The Photo Detective (I like the guy with the wedgie).

Marian Pierre-Louis of Roots and Rambles is asking you to Help [her Facebook friend] Locate a WWI Italian Soldier's Grave in Austria.

Finally, I asked readers if they had ever encountered an ancestor who had been in Two Places at Once (enumerated twice in the same census year). Have you seen this? If so, how did you resolve it? (I'm pretty sure Hank and Oscar were doing the counting this time.)

In the News

I love happy endings: DNA detective work uncovers names of Fromelles fallen.

DNA test IDs 103rd stolen baby in Argentina

Betsy Ross got out just in time: Huge Historic Cemetery Shuts Down.

The life and legend of freed slave from Raynham Toby Gilmore

And I have them both. Like caffeine? There's a gene for that -- two of them, actually

Grrrrrrrr. $10,000 reward offered for missing Downey Cemetery headstones

Glad when the unidentified finally come home. Pedestrian killed in 1986 identified through evidence database

From the Blogs

This one kept me giggling: Twice Told Tuesday - Suffrage & Backhanded Reasoning? at Shades of the Departed blog. I won't comment about the men I know who still think this way!

If you need some warm fuzzies, read this: Moments Like This Are Why I Love My Job by Sheri Fenley of The Educated Genealogist.

Who doesn't love a freebie? Craig Manson of GeneaBlogie shares his latest finds in 25 Great Books on the Civil War Era–FREE! Do any of these come in ePub, Craig?

James Tanner of Genealogy's Star has been exploring the outer limits this week in his series The Limits of Genealogical Research (the link goes to part 6, so you'll need to work your way backwards to part 1).

Carolyn L. Barkley reminds us that It's Tax Time! at Great article, but not my favorite subject, especially this time of year.

"Does it matter if our stories are flawed?" As an archivist, Melissa Mannon of ArchivesInfo thinks it does. Check out Flawed Stories and Diverse Perspectives Part I of II and you be decide.

Leslie Albrecht Huber of The Journey Takers Blog discusses Hobbyists in Our Midst and why they are important. Which one are you, and are you proud of it?

Heather Rojo of Nutfield Genealogy has good and bad news about George Washington's signature in The National Archives - Good News/ Bad News.

Beautiful and yet creepy at the same time... Joanne at Keeper of the Records shares Victorian Hair Art (which I secretly find fascinating). Part 3 is here, but be sure to work your way backwards to read the whole hair story.

Do you share or hoard? There have been several interesting discussions about sharing (and not sharing) of genealogical information for the past week or so. Greta Koehl of Greta's Genealogy Blog gives the latest opinion - and shares links to some previous thinkers on this subject - in Sharing and Scholarship.

On the flipside, how do you deal with cousins who think YOU are the selfish hoarder of family secrets? Betty of Betty's Boneyard Genealogy thinks Persistance is a Virtue...Sometimes! And Sometimes Not... and would like your opinion.

Clouds - of the computing variety - have been in the news a lot this week. Denise Barrett Olson gives a Mac perspective in Building My Own Cloud at Moultrie Creek Gazette. Lorine of Olive Tree Genealogy Blog gives a PC version in Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining. (Personally, I love Dropbox too, and have the app on my desktop, netbook, and iPhone.)

Also newsy this week are politicians showing off their genealogy - and whether or not Michelle Bachmann (in this case) got it right. Kathleen Brandt offers her thoughts in Genealogists and Politicians: You Can't Change the Records. Michael John Neill of shares his opinion of Chirs Rodda's math/research skills in Let's Get It Right--Chris Rodda on Michele Bachmann (which comments on an OpEd piece that has moved here). What do YOU think?

The year was 1988... Mark Tucker of Think Genealogy shares his thoughts on Family History in the Year 2364. (Did not know Mark was a Trekkie, but I knew there was a reason I liked him.) And Mark, thanks for the memories of PAF 2.1. I'm sure I'll have nightmares for weeks.

If the weather's getting you down, you can turn green with envy by checking out Steve Danko's vacation pics at Steve's Genealogy Blog. You can start with Birds of Curaçao and work your way backwards until you can't stand anymore. (Glad you enjoyed yourself, Steve!)

Because I was doing my taxes and needed a laugh: Katie O's You might be a Genealogist if... at You Are Where You Came From.

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