Thursday, October 7, 2010

Heading to the Expo!

After what has been an emotional week, I am SO looking forward to heading north to Pleasanton tonight for this weekend's California Family History Expo. I've never been to a Family History Expo before, so I'm excited to find out what they're all about. And... I get to travel sans small person, so I'm also looking forward to some adult genealogical conversation (ok, that didn't sound quite right... but you know what I mean).

Anyway, I've been asked to participate as a Blogger of Honor, and while I have absolutely no idea what that means exactly, I'm certainly eager to find out. I'll do my very best to fulfill my BOH duties and to share the Expo Excitement!

The fun starts bright and early on Friday morning. Classes, workshops, visiting with old friends, food that doesn't come from a microwave, SHOPPING... I can't wait! If you happen to be there, please stop by the Beacon of Bloggers area to say hello! If you don't have tickets yet, I understand that you can still register at the door for 1 day, both days, or even individual classes. More information about registration here.

Now... time to hit the road!

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Michelle Goodrum said...

I'll be looking forward to posts.