Wordless Wednesday: Parasol Girls

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“Parasol Girls.” Digital image. Undated. Original photograph privately held by [NAME AND ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Benton Co., Washington. 2010.

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  1. Love it! Gonna have to start scouring the local antique stores for a parasol like that!

  2. Fabulous photo!

    But I’m so curious about the location. Are they in the basement-to-be of a new home or is this the furrow of all furrows?

  3. Oh, how cute! I love the dresses…looks like the 1930s.

  4. what a charming photo! do you know the identity of the 2 girls?

  5. Thank you for the comments!

    Unfortunately, I really don’t know who the “Parasol Girls” are, but my guess is that they are/were sisters of my grandmother, Reba (Dunn) Swanay. The photo is from a family album of hers, and sadly, most of the photos are not labeled, and everyone who would recognize them is gone. It was probably taken in the early 1920s, as that is when the few dated photos in the album were taken.

    I also don’t know where the girls are standing… probably somewhere in Greene Co., TN. Nolichucky Roots, it could have been the basement-to-be of a new home; I hadn’t thought of that, but it’s a terrific guess! Hopefully not just a hole in the ground where the girls are hanging out!

    Amanda, I’ll look forward to seeing a picture of your parasol, when you find one!

  6. I was going to ask you to tell more about the lovely ladies but I see from you comment that you don’t know. They are just beautiful – and they look like they are thoroughly enjoying themselves. What a great pose!


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