JAMSTOCK ’09: What REALLY Happened at the Geneablogger Dinner

BURBANK – More than 30 Geneabloggers mobbed the VIP room at the Daily Grill restaurant on Saturday evening. Several non-blogging restaurant patrons were seen running out the door as the Geneabloggers converged.

Some of the contraband items confiscated from the bloggers. It is not known what purpose these items served, as none of the bloggers would tell. One blogger reportedly told a non-blogger that “if she was meant to know, she would have them.” Several bloggers were seen wearing a black ribbon with the words, “Rock Star.” It is assumed that these are some sort of blogger gang “colors,” which will be banned at future blogger gatherings.

Many bloggers were seen periodically checking their iPhones, presumably to find out of other bloggers were writing or Tweeting about them. Pictured here is Dick Eastman’s phone showing a photo of the license plate on one of his cars.

Many paparazzi were in attendance at this event, hoping to catch photos of their favorite bloggers. It is not known who Randy Seaver is attempting to photograph in this picture.

Several Geneabloggers were seen engaging in a genealogy drinking game. The rules reportedly required each player to draw his/her family tree while doing a shot of his/her choice between each generation.

Steve Danko was seen cheating by looking up his family tree on his iPhone. He was not disqualified, since no one said he couldn’t do that.

Steve’s tree was impressive when completed, and he later received the award for neatness. It was assumed that his Polish surnames were spelled correctly since no one wanted to check.

Drew Smith completed his tree back to Y-Adam. No DNA test was conducted for verification.

Sheri Fenley was the undisputed winner, as she was the only person who could draw her tree from memory and remain standing after the game. Sheri is pictured here tearing her tree out of the paper tablecloth.


DISCLAIMER: There were no genealogy drinking games going on at the Geneablogger dinner. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Copyright © by Elizabeth O’Neal

Elizabeth is a genealogy and family history researcher, writer, and consultant. Adores good grammar and spelling, and believes the Oxford Comma is just misunderstood. Thrives on large quantities of coffee. One daughter, two rescued hounds, and a plethora of missing ancestors keep her on her toes.


  1. Elizabeth,
    You are the best writer.. very fun to read. Thanks. Let’s do it again soon.

  2. Elizabeth Dahling!

    Thank you so much for recording history as we made it happen at Jamboree! I had way more fun with you at Jamboree than at the other conference in Northern California last March (you know where).

    Next time we get together we will blast them away with our PussyCat Dolls rendition of “Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was …..”

    Green with envy that you are in DC DAR’ing the nights away in grandeur.

    Maybe if we took our show on the road, I could afford to go next year!

  3. I love your blog! This posting was hilarious! And I love your header. Did you create it?

  4. So glad you all enjoyed it! I had a lot of fun writing it!

    valenaann68 – Yes, I did create my blog header. It was a little Photoshop wizardry using some family photos and digital scrapbooking elements from http://raspberryroaddesigns.net.


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