JAMSTOCK ’09: Massive Recycling Effort Underway at the Burbank Marriott

BURBANK – It was noted Saturday evening at the Geneablogger Dinner that the Daily Grill restaurant at the Burbank Airport Marriott serves extremely large portions of broccoli with their steak dinners.

Many of the Geneabloggers did not eat their broccoli, and several were reportedly seen trying to give theirs away to frightened restaurant customers.

So, what happens to all the uneaten broccoli at the Burbank Marriott?

This reporter has discovered a disturbing similarity between the large broccoli florets and the table decorations in the East Tower hallway.

Close-up view of table decorations.

It is not known for certain whether these ornaments are indeed made of uneaten broccoli. If they are, the Burbank Marriott is to be commended for their tremendous recycling efforts. Unfortunately, their taste in table decorations remains questionable.


DISCLAIMER: Well? You be the judge. Looks like it to me!

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  1. Ah! Now this makes perfect sense.



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