Last One… Oh, Never Mind

It’s getting pretty stinky around here, me being that rotten egg and all.

I also missed the 53rd Edition, Carnival of Genealogy, hosted by the incomparable Jasia at Creative Gene.

If I get my act together, I hope to participate in the 54th Edition:

The topic for the next edition of the COG is, The Family Language…Does your family use words and phrases that no one else knows or understands? Where did they come from? Did you ever try to explain your “family language” to outsiders? Tell a story about your family-coined words, phrases, or nicknames. This topic was chosen by Donna Pointkouski who will be hosting the next edition of the COG at What’s Past is Prologue. Thanks Donna! The deadline for submissions is August 15th.

My family definitely had its own language. But since this is a “family” blog, I probably can’t repeat some of it here!

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Elizabeth is a genealogy and family history researcher, writer, and consultant. Adores good grammar and spelling, and believes the Oxford Comma is just misunderstood. Thrives on large quantities of coffee. One daughter, two rescued hounds, and a plethora of missing ancestors keep her on her toes.

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  1. Elizabeth,
    Stop beating your egg-self up cuz there’s always another carnival around the corner! Head on over to fM’s 4th Edition of Smile for the Camera My Favorite Photograph. You can write as many or as few descriptive words as you want. (Deadline for this one is August 13.


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