Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Games: Conclusion and Final Tally

This was a rough week for me, as I was sidelined for several days with the flu (courtesy of my 2-year old).

But despite the fever clouding my brain, I did manage to complete a few more tasks.

2. Back Up Your Data!

Tasks completed = 1 (task A)

My husband and I prepared a plan for backing up our digital files and storing our hard copies. Or rather, I prepared the plan and told my husband about it, while he said, "uh huh," and pretended to listen to me. Typical.

For the record, rain and rain-related weather events are not a big concern here; however, mold and mildew are, as well as paper-eating bugs like earwigs and silverfish. We're (read: I'm) looking into ways to keep our data safe from these nasties. Any suggestions?

3. Organize Your Research!

Tasks completed = 1, maybe 2 (task B and maybe E)

I scanned 20 photos last week, and yesterday added tags and descriptions and organized them into folders.

The reason I say "maybe 2" is because I'm unclear as to whether or not the tasks in this category can be repeated. On Tuesday, I reported that I had scanned the above-mentioned photos, as part of task E. On Thursday, I merged a GEDCOM sent to me by a newly-found 4th cousin, thus adding over 2.500 names to my database. I suppose this could be viewed as cheating, but I did have to manually merge 162 names, so it's not like I got off that easy.

I think I will need a judge's ruling as to whether or not this counts as completing 2 tasks (task E twice) or if it still counts as only 1 task. Either way, I win, with the addition of so many names and a new cousin!

5. Reach Out & Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness!

Tasks completed = 1 (task D)

I answered a query regarding a family that once lived in my area.

This is clearly my best area of "competition," since I have now completed all 6 tasks.


My final medal counts stands at the following:

Category 1: 1 task completed = Bronze Medal
Category 2: 2 tasks completed = Silver Medal
Category 3: 2 (maybe 3) tasks completed = at least Silver Medal
Category 4: 3 tasks completed = Gold Medal
Category 5: 6 tasks completed = Platinum Medal

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1 comment:

Moultrie Creek said...

Elizabeth, congratulations on your medals! I'm impressed with the extraordinary efforts put out by all the participants. A special thanks to Thomas, Miriam and Kathryn for their efforts organizing both the Genea-Bloggers group and these games. What a wonderful way to build community!