Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pass the Clorox, Please

NOTE: In light of yesterday's tragic midwest tornadoes, I decided to change the title of this post so as not to alarm anyone.

My daughter has been sick with a sinus infection for three days.

Like most moms, whenever one of us is sick, I tend to obsess about germs and turn myself into Monk until the worst is over.

So I found this little quiz tonight and I'm seriously disturbed to learn that:

2,516,640How Many Germs Live On Your Keyboard?
Do you suppose my keyboard would survive a good spraying with Clorox Cleanup?

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1 comment:

Virginia Travis said...

Poor sweet girl. I've seen sinus infections send grown-ups into the worst cases of self pity. I hope the worst of it is already over.

I don't know about a good spraying, but a decent wiping down probably won't hurt your keyboard. At least it hasn't hurt mine. *wink*

Take care of yourself!