Last weekend, my daughter and I visited with friends for a few days. Just for fun, their 2-year old grandson came over for a play “date.”

My daugher and Grandson are both “only” children, so we were understandably concerned about their abilities to “play well with others.” Typically, this is not something that toddlers do well anyway.

We were pleasantly surprised that the two of them not only played well together, but really seemed to enjoy each other. I mean really enjoy each other. A lot.

So now my daughter now has a new love.

If she were any older, I’m sure I would have to put a stop to it. But for now, it’s just so darn cute.

Playing with pillows. Big fun that adults simply cannot understand.

Falling down, screaming, and laughing = pure toddler joy.

Ah, look at them. No concept that the rest of the world is watching.

The next day. Practically finishing each other’s sentences by this time. Too bad the rest of us can’t understand anything they’re saying.

Should I be worried? Or should I be picking out wedding gowns?

Elizabeth is a professional genealogist and California native living in the Santa Barbara area. She has been researching her own family for almost three decades, and providing research services to others for about 8 years.

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