Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Don't Poke Me When You Read This

I typically prefer to write bad haiku.

However, Terry of Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi, said that if we want to play, we must write a limerick.

Seemed appropriate, given my Irish ancestry.

Unfortunately, the limerick eluded me, just as they do.

When you read it, you'll wish it had eluded YOU too.


There once was a gal from the 'poke,
Who married a bicycling bloke.
They had a cute girl,
Made their life all a-whirl,
Now the gal tries to track down kinfolk.


Note: "The 'poke" is a nickname for Lompoc (pronounced Lom' poke, NOT Lom' pock).

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Terry Thornton said...

Thanks Elizabeth, for the rhyming words. Glad to have you in the roundup. Below is a "poem" for you. TERRY

Schoolmarm "Eliz"
Writes up a tiz
When not too biz
With daughter delight
Who now sleeps all night;
Eliz is a twitterpated Miz.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the laugh, Terry (I needed it today)!

You are extremely clever to come up with that on the fly! It took me 4 days to come up with my pathetic attempt. Sad.

Bill West said...

A gal from the `poke name of Liz,
Said "Look here,the truth of it is
I'm just not a poet,
My writing will show it!"
Then she wrote and she proved that she is!

Elizabeth said...

You are quite the poet, Bill! Thank you for the grin today!