Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hmmm... I Wonder How He'd Look in a Swimsuit?

On Sunday, I (virtually) attended another fun and productive Scanfest, hosted by Miriam at AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors.

There were about nine of us chatting and scanning (mostly chatting, I think), and the conversations ranged from dysfunctional scanners and scanner software, to joining the DAR/SAR, to lingerie, swimsuits, and pin-up gals.

Oh, and I confessed my long-standing crush on Microsoft-mogul Bill Gates.

Come on now, people... smart is sexy. That's why I married a rocket scientist.

[Moment of silent daydreaming here...]

Seriously, though, if you're tired of looking at those boxes and piles of photos-to-be-scanned, please consider joining the next Scanfest. Tune in to AnceStories for the date and time.

You never know what we'll talk about next!


For the record, I did not scan that super-cute photo of Bill, above.

But here's one that I DID scan (and no, I didn't crop it that way; it was already like that):

This one came from my cousin's photo album... the one I was working on for LAST month's Scanfest. My progress is slow, as you might have deduced.

What are they doing in that picture? Yeah, I wondered that myself. It looked like they were all sitting on a stage, so I figured that it must have been some kind of play or performance. And I thought I recognized my grandmother, Reba Dunn, way in the back, center.

I gently peeled the photo out of the album, and here's what I found on the back:

(I enlarged this shot, and adjusted the levels until it was more readable.)

So... yep, that was my grandmother, all right. She does indeed look pretty in that picture, being all of about 27 years old.

I can't help but wonder what sort of PTA performance it was. Were all the people on the stage students? Were some of them teachers? PTA members? There seems to be quite a difference in ages. And where are the men?

A quick Google of "Art's Photo Service" brought up nothing useful. But even if it had, I doubt if anyone would still be alive who might know what this photo was all about.

Are any of you familiar with PTA performances like this one? I'd love to hear about it, if you are!

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Apple said...

Great photo! If you know the town or better yet the name of the school look at old newspapers, chances are something was written up. You could also put a link back to this post on the appropriate county message board. Someone might recognize it.

Miriam said...

Elizabeth, thanks for getting the word out about Scanfest. I have to admit, I think nerdy guys are cute, too, especially if they like genealogy! ;-)